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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Statistics show there are currently 45 million people in the United States
who owe a total of nearly $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. To deal with that massive problem,
Tony Aquilar, founded an innovative company called Chipper, a socially conscious company
which helps transform the way student loan borrowers analyze, manage, and pay back their
student debt.

Today, BlueKey Equity Partners (BKEP), a small to middle-market private equity firm,
announced the completion of its investment in Chipper. “This platform, which helps pay off
debt, was developed by a young Hispanic man,” said BlueKey Equity Partner Felix De Herrera.
“It’s important to our firm to help give minority entrepreneurs the financial backing —
something they may have difficulty obtaining elsewhere.”

Aguilar, who serves as CEO of Chipper, is a serial FinTech entrepreneur and an active
voice in the Latinos in-tech movement. As a first-generation high school graduate from a small
Texas town, he carried more than $100k in student debt after college. His personal experience is the driving force behind his pioneering work in the student loan space. His mission is to build modern financial products for a generation straddled with student debt.

Student loan debt statistics for 2020 show how serious the crisis has become, impacting
borrowers across all demographics and age groups. It is now the second highest consumer debt
category — behind only mortgage debt — and higher than both credit cards and auto loans.

In fact, student loans are imposing crushing burdens on millions of Americans, young
and old, with the average student loan debt for members of the Class of 2018 is $29,200,
according to the Institute for College Access and Success. The economic hardship, not to
mention the pressures of repayment, strikes particularly hard at Black and Latino student loan
borrowers who default at a higher rate than any other group. (Community Service Society,
Jan. 31, 2019).

“BlueKey Equity Partners is convinced that Chipper will help so many people deal with
their student loans. More importantly, if they can deal with their debt burdens, they’ll have
funds available for other things like buying a car or even a house. That can only help our
economy,” said DeHerrera.

With this venture, BlueKey Equity Partners joins an impressive group of investors in
Chipper, including a commitment from Solomon (Sol) Trujillo, co-founder of L’Attitude, and an
international business executive.


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